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Karolyne brings together the modalities of ReikiSpiritual Healing and Thetahealing to help you on your healing journey. Each meeting brings a combination of gently powerful energy healing, intuitive counselling and Spirit connection.

Healing is ideal for addressing emotional unrest, physical pain, limiting beliefs, energy blocks, trauma clearing, and has the effect of advancing spiritual growth.

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Hypnosis uses simple yet highly effective techniques to guide your unconscious into facilitating positive life changes.

Regression combines hypnosis and psychotherapeutic techniques to transform current and past-life experience to heal and empower.

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Meditation helps to increase peace, relaxation, emotional and physical wellbeing, focus and overall harmony. There are various forms of meditation and Karolyne offers guided meditation for spiritual development, connecting with your higher self or inner wisdom, journeying on the inner planes for guidance and healing. A component of the meditation uses mindfulness techniques, which increases self-awareness, helps to promote inner balance and a more harmonious life. See here for information about groups and private sessions.

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